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It's always so damn hard To say goodbye to the ones that you love the most It's just never that easy My cousins fading fast I can't believe that I didn't see it coming I didn't see it coming down I should've been there to pick you up I could've been there to help you out When you were going down I should've been there to pick you up I could've been there to help you out But you were gone I never wanna say goodbye I never wanna say goodbye I know you're in a better place But I can't get you out of my mind I never wanna say goodbye I never wanna say goodbye I know you're in a better place Why'd you say goodbye? Withpassage of time, Mussoorie has also become an educational hub because of the presence of some premium educational institutes and convent schools. And I know you tried Well, I could've been there to help you out And I know you cried I should've been there to pick you up When you were falling down I never got a chance to say I never wanna say goodbye I never wanna say goodbye I never wanna say goodbye I know you're in a better place But I can't get you out of my mind I never wanna say goodbye I never wanna say goodbye I know you're in a better place Why'd you say goodbye? The year of brought this town into the spotlight because of certain cultural events and movements of political celebrities. The pictures in my head will better be enough To replace all the good times we had together, man I miss you every day, I miss you every day And I wake up in a cold, cold sweat, yeah The picture's in my head will never be enough To replace all the good times we had together, man I should've been there to pick you up I could've been there to help you out But you were more info I never wanna say goodbye I never wanna say goodbye I know you're in a better place But I can't get you out of my mind I never wanna say goodbye Lyrics never wanna say goodbye I know you're in a better place Why'd you say goodbye?

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Mojtaba sakhaei davidforex

OPEC has gone through a period of convergence and divergence since its inception under political-economic events and crises. In turn, this convergence and divergence have had a significant impact on oil production, supply, and prices in the oil market. OPEC members form a diverse range of population, size, reserves, output, gross domestic product, ideology, and type of relationship with world powers.

This diversity, along with internal tensions, leads to different approaches on energy markets and production quotas, which has affected the interests of all producing countries. Thus, this study aims to assess the convergence relationship between OPEC members on the strength of this organization on the market.

To reach this aim, we have used a qualitative method of descriptive and analytical type using library resources and documents. Findings show that any lack of convergence and understanding between OPEC members has led to increased supply in the oil market and fluctuating prices. These price fluctuations seriously damage the economies of exporting countries.

PDF Among the capital market companies, oil companies can strengthen Read More Forensic accounting, as a process of legal inspection of corporate accounting practices, has become an important strategy to prevent fraud and financial misconduct, creating information transparency for investors to make financial decisions.

Among the capital market companies, oil companies can strengthen the forensic accounting paradigm to provide documentation and transparency of decision-making to prevent market distrust caused by investor risks and contribute to the sustainable development of its presence in advancing competitive strategies.

This study aims to develop an effective forensic accounting paradigm based on the risks of investors in oil companies. In this study, the components dimensions of forensic accounting and research propositions investor risk themes were used to from a combined analysis with 15 accounting experts at the university level. In the quantitative part, the components and propositions identified in the form of matrix questionnaires were evaluated by the interpretive ranking process IRP by 20 financial managers of oil companies in the capital market.

Ethical and legal dilemmas such as those involving privacy laws are other issues that should be taken under consideration. Despite all these limitations, with the way technology is progressing, it is inevitable that AI and automation will completely change the way we practice surgery in the near future.

Thus, this narrative review article aims to highlight the various applications and pitfalls of AI in the field of surgery. In this meta-analysis study, international databases of Web of Science, Scopous, Proquest, and PubMed and Iranian databases such as Irandoc, Magiran, and SID were searched for studies published between and using related keywords.

Based on the consortium checklist, the full text of the selected articles was reviewed and in case of a specific score, the article was analyzed. The results show that, out of studies after applying the inclusion and exclusion criteria, only nine clinical trial articles were reviewed. The results of meta-analysis showed that the simulation training method can be effective in managing midwifery emergencies.

Hence, the use of simulation training method can be effective in various areas of learning related to obstetric emergencies. For this reason, many simulation programs are performed in this department to increase the knowledge, skills, and productivity of health-care workers. The purpose of this study was to identify the benefits of simulation in hospital emergency departments. Then, a three-step screening process was used to select studies relevant to simulation and hospital emergency from to using the PRISMA checklist, and finally, the obtained data were analyzed.

RESULTS: A total of three main groups, each with several subgroups, were extracted and identified as the benefits of using simulation in hospital emergency departments. They included improving the diagnosis of the disease rapid prediction of the disease, rapid diagnosis, and patient triage , improving the treatment process improvement of treatment results, anticipation of admission and discharge of patients, acceleration of interventions, and reduction of medical errors , and improving knowledge and skills improvement of the speed of decision-making, staff's acquisition of knowledge and skills, simple, convenient, and low-cost training, improvement of staff's preparedness in crisis.

Virtual methods are also proposed to be applied as potential and cost-effective platforms for learning, teaching, and evaluating the staff of hospital emergency departments. It is important to examine the effects of simulation training of health information systems on the knowledge, attitude, and skill in trainees. This review provided a summary of relevant literature on how simulation training affects the learning of health information systems and determine the features and functional capabilities of existing simulators.

Studies and websites using simulation training to teach health information systems were included. The characteristics of studies, features, and functional capabilities of simulators and effects on learning outcomes were extracted. The included studies and websites were categorized according to different characteristics including simulation types, learning outcome categories, and the effects of simulation training on learning outcomes.

The learning outcomes were categorized into four groups: knowledge, attitude, skill, and satisfaction. The effects of interventions on outcomes were categorized into statistically significant positive, positive without statistical argument, no effect not statistically significant , negative without statistical argument, or statistically significant negative. Ten studies and eight websites that used simulation training to teach health information systems mainly electronic health record [EHR] were included.

All studies were conducted in three developed countries. In the included studies, four learning outcomes i. Ninety percent of the included studies assessed skill-related outcomes, with more than half mentioning significant improvement. Thirty percent of the included studies assessed outcomes-related knowledge and attitude, all of which reported the positive effects of simulation training.

The simulators offered a variety of functional capabilities, while all of which simulated the clinical data entry process. In teaching health information systems, especially EHRs, simulation training enhances skill, attitude, knowledge, and satisfaction of health-care providers and students. This narrative review is focused on investigating educational strategies in confrontation with coronavirus disease COVID pandemic.

There were 12 reviewed studies related to this specific subject. The articles selected for this study demonstrated that education and training had a positive impact on the knowledge and attitude of the participants and also the educational interventions, whether they were simulation-based or other formats of training, would be deemed crucial for enhancing participants' level of perceptions and confidence.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that public health policymakers consider this important issue. Kidney failure can cause physical problems. Hence, patients need to use dialysis therapy or kidney transplantation, and actually, people are in the waiting list for a transplant. This research aimed to extract the prognostic models that evaluate the preparation of kidney donors diagnosed with brain death DBD.

This research was a systematic review of PubMed, Science Direct, and general explorers up until The assessment of the articles was done by the authors. This evaluation was supposed to be in the form of scoring, prioritizing, and ranking the donors in terms of their preparation. Eleven sources of information included 9 academic articles along with 2 Grey Sources from 7 different countries.

Disease prognosis facilitates a doctor's decision-making on the emergence of the disease. Prognostic models of renal diseases can be a great help to patients. A review of the related literature revealed that all the models received a high score in terms of the two factors they included, age and history of blood pressure. Therefore, the present study aimed to review the literature on the QOL in the Iranian elderly population. For this purpose, all databases were searched in March After screening and assessing the studies based on inclusion and exclusion criteria, 22 articles remained in the study.

The studies investigated sociodemographic determinants, physical and health-related behaviors, and spirituality and psychological determinants of the QOL. The sociodemographic determinants were the most common factors under study. The results showed that the role of gender and socioeconomic status was the strongest among the sociodemographic characteristics. A significant association was found between the QOL in the Iranian elderly population and factors such as depression and religious confrontation.

Therefore, attention should be paid to all social, physical, and psychological variables that affect the QOL of older people. There is a concurrent need to address challenges and establish best practices to ensure the best quality when implementing high-stakes evaluations. The aim of this study is to provide an insight for stakeholders about using multiple modalities of simulation in high-stakes evaluations by presenting challenges, best practices, and future directions described in the relevant literature.

A scoping review of original studies from the year — including the use of common modalities standardized patients, high-fidelity mannequins, part-task trainers, virtual simulation, and hybrid simulation was conducted. Initial screening in the databases resulted in , articles.

After the application of a refining search strategy, 47 articles were included for comprehensive evaluation. Many articles were specialty-specific, especially focusing on anesthesia. Most challenges described were related to the validity of the assessment that should be considered in the planning phase. Best practices were mostly related to planning for measures to assure the validity of the assessment tools and process.

The use of multimodality simulation for high-stakes assessment is growing despite challenges; this growth is associated with the accumulation of experience shared in literature. This growth will help to improve planning, practices, and goals achievement from such an application. Review Article: Antibiotics at the crossroads — Do we have any therapeutic alternatives to control the emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance? Overuse of antibiotics in humans, agriculture, and animal husbandry has resulted in the emergence of a wide range of multidrug-resistant MDR pathogens which are difficult to treat.

Antimicrobial resistance AMR is a serious global health problem associated with high mortality in the era of modern medicine. Moreover, in the absence of an effective antibiotic, medical and surgical interventions can highly become a risk. In recent times, the decreased incline of pharmaceutical industries toward research and development of newer effective antibiotics to fight this MDR pathogens have further fuelled the scarcity of antibiotics, thus the number of antibiotics in the pipeline is extremely limited.

Hence it is high time for the development of new strategies to fight against dangerous MDR pathogens. Currently, several novel approaches explored by scientists have shown promising results pertaining to their antimicrobial activity against pathogens. In this article, the authors have summarized various novel therapeutic options explored to contain AMR with special attention to the mechanism of action, advantages, and disadvantages of different approaches.

This study was performed following the published methodological guidance of the Joanna Briggs Institute for the conduct of ScR. Furthermore, a narrative-thematic synthesis integrated with the systematic analysis applying approach to health system strengthening HSS through systems thinking was employed.

Thirty-two included records in English that met the inclusion criteria were found between and July There has been a sharp increase in the generation of the records with a The most frequent records types were review article, and the lancet was the most specialized journal. India was the most frequent country. Near half of the growth drivers of PHS have been originated from the governance. Concerning the dynamic architectures of interactions between health system functions, probably the countries themselves have realized the importance of the governance role in the HSS than other functions.

Given the all of the recommended interventions were a combination of foundational and institutional, sustainable participation of PHS in the health system seems far and requires a solid will of the governments. Future research is needed about the range of PHS and its behaviors in terms of consumables, revenue-raising, and pooling of funds.

Many medical schools have shifted to online education as an information delivery mechanism where the educator and learner are separated in space and potentially also in time. This systematic review aims to explore and understand the variety of distance learning strategies in medical students in the contexts of COVID Data were extracted and quality appraised using QualSyst tools, and synthesized by performing thematic analysis.

A total of articles were identified after removing duplicates and records were screened, of which were included in this study. The primary articles were 52 primarily qualitative articles. Five learning strategies consisted of technology-enhanced learning TEL , simulation-based learning, technology-based clinical education, mobile learning, and blended learning.

Tools, methods, and learning resources associated with these five learning strategies were extracted from the articles. Our review highlights that TEL and simulation-based learning were more commonly used than others in distance learning in medical education during the COVID pandemic. These strategies have the potential to improve learners' level of knowledge and performance through making online learning resources such as Massive Open Online Courses, virtual clinical cases, and blended sources accessible.

Hospitals and health-care centers are very complex and have a high potential for vulnerability depending on external and internal factors. Unfortunately, past experiences show that health-care centers and the health system are vulnerable to disasters. Therefore, risk analysis and safety assessment studies of hospitals and other health-care centers are absolutely necessary. This systematic review study was conducted on the basis of the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses guidelines.

The quality of the studies was assessed using the International Narrative Systematic Assessment tool. From titles identified in this search, 24 studies were selected. The important findings of this study were grouped into five main categories: risk analysis method, type of disaster, hospital safety methods, hospital components and key outcomes of risk analysis, and hospital safety assessments.

The nature of disasters is a threat to the lives and property of the people, and therefore hospitals must be available at the incidents and disasters and they must be able to respond to the needs of the disaster-affected community.

The probability of an incident and its consequences can never be reduced to zero; because the severity of many natural and even man-made disasters is unpredictable and the probability of their occurrence is different; however, it is possible to identify weaknesses and strengths through risk analysis studies as well as hospital safety assessments and implement retrofitting programs based on the type of risks and safety status and reduce the level of risk to an acceptable level.

This article aimed to review the perspectives of general surgical practice during the COVID pandemic. A systematic review of the literature addressing modification to general surgical practice during the COVID pandemic indexed in PubMed, Scopus, Google, and Google scholar was carried out on June 19—20, The literature review yielded articles. The exclusion of duplication, articles not in English, and specialized ones in various surgical disciplines precluded articles.

Finally, following checking for relevance and publication status, papers were included. Recommendations for surgical practice during the COVID pandemic revolved around mitigation of the risk of virus transmission to patients and health-care workers. The emerging themes of safety precautions were related to patient prioritization and testing, mindful consideration of the operative strategy, optimum use of personal protective equipment, operative room setup, and departmental organization.

However, those recommendations were often diverging and bore on a dearth of evidence and personal opinions. Multidisciplinary work and cooperation among surgical specialties are required to establish and validate the protocols for safe surgical practice during the pandemic and perhaps similar crises in future.

The COVID pandemic has brought several challenges to the field of medicine, including the surgical specialty. The centrality of safety precautions emerging in this crisis requires surgeons to adopt the new roles and work standards and translate them into practice during the pandemic and perhaps longer. Knowledge translation as a solution to this challenge is a process that includes a period of time that starts of decision to choose the research topic and continue to publish of research results, in which the interaction of the researchers and stakeholders is the key factor and the main axis of the process.

Since the recognition and promotion of knowledge translation processes resulting from research in health system policy-making will lead to the improvement of the health system, this review protocol was designed to identify factors affecting knowledge translation implementation, including barriers and facilitators of this process. Identifying these factors can be used as a guide for health system decision-makers and research managers in planning to select appropriate policies for deployment of the knowledge translation process to increase the use of research results in the health system.

Lack of awareness and failure to have a proper response to natural disasters cause heavy damages to nations and national assets. Risk management is essential to prevent, intervene, and fight disasters as it can attenuate the destructive effects. The present study reviews studies on health in disasters in Iranian schools with an emphasis on readiness to deal with crises.

The time range of the search included all articles published before September The reference lists were also checked to find more articles. Totally, articles were found and full-text of 32 articles were examined. After omitting repetitious items, the articles were checked by two independent researchers in terms of inclusion and exclusion criteria so that 15 articles entered the final analysis phases.

The target population consisted of students, teachers, managers, and experts of disaster resilience. The articles were mostly focused on earthquake, fire, and structural safety. Implementation of health school models through improving awareness and crisis management knowledge in school officials plays a key role in improving and preserving health in school environment and safety of students. Measures like paying more attention to safety of building and physical space of schools, adding crisis management skills to curriculum as practical educations, informing parents about such risk, and educating students about safety and prevention of risks are recommended.

People with higher SOC are better at dealing with stressful situations, psychological stress, and problems and are more able to manage them, leading to better general health. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of SOC on the oral health status of people in different age groups. Studies were included if they evaluated the relationship between SOC and oral health behaviors OHBs or oral health status including dental caries.

The Newcastle-Ottawa checklist was used to appraise the selected articles and meta-analysis of included studies were performed using Comprehensive Meta-Analysis software. The random-effects model was chosen in the presence of heterogenicity. I2 index and Q index were used to measure the heterogeneity present between the studies. Fifteen articles received the minimum score of criticism.

In general, SOC could significantly affect the oral health and OHBs of adults independently of the underlying factors. There was a significant relationship between SOC and tooth decay in adolescents, but this association was poor after adjusting for the underlying factors. In children, only one article revealed an association with OHBs. Sense of coherence appears to be one of the effective factors in predicting oral health behaviors and ultimately oral health, especially in adults.

The number of articles available for children and adolescents was not sufficient in this regard. This article discusses the achievements on Swachh Bharat Mission Gramin and identifies the existing challenges that need to be acted on to achieve the success of India's Swachh Bharat Mission.

In addition, websites of relevant United Nations UN agencies, Government of India and leading newspaper and national agencies were also searched manually for related publications and reports. In the last 5 years , significant efforts have been made for the Swachh Bharat Mission by creating various social movements and awareness program to improve toilet coverage throughout India.

Over million, latrines have been built as of the end of the first phase of Swachh Bharat Mission Gramin as on October 2, and all villages across the districts of India have been declared Open Defaecation Free. Still, nearly half of the rural population Lack of piped water supply, poor construction of toilet substructures and misconception among people about toilet use remain as key challenges in the achievement of India's sanitation mission.

Sanitation-related behavioral change and improvement in toilet facilities must be prioritized to ensure usage of built toilets and eventually can accelerate the universal access to sanitation and meet Sustainable Development Goals. The purpose of this study was to analyze the news stories on Covaxin published in the online media between two statements issued by Indian Council for Medical Research on 2nd and 4th July for their content, quality of information, and reporting standards.

The selected news stories were subjected to content analysis and reviewed using the screening points developed through a consultation by two independent experts using ten prevalidated criteria for health news review. The mean and median score of the news stories is However, they mostly failed to mention the information on costs, research data related to benefits, and harms and quality of the available evidence.

It is important to train journalists on proper reporting of health news to improve its quality in Indian media. The objective of the current study was to investigate the global experiences of clinical governance in primary health care. Of the 17 selected studies, 16 belonged to developed countries, including England 13 , Australia, Italy, and New Zealand, and one was from Turkey. The findings were divided into three general categories: 1 principles of effectiveness and risk management, 2 deployment requirements such as structural and organizational needs, resource and communication, and information management, and 3 barriers of clinical governance toward providing primary health care.

Review Article: The role of hackathon in education: Can hackathon improve health and medical education? Applying innovation and entrepreneurship training to solve complex problems and focus on solution design has recently become common in medical universities all over the world. This paper clarifies the role of hackathons as an innovative educational approach in healthcare education systems. We propose a process model concerned with organizing hackathon events in the healthcare education system.

This model can be used in the academic and practical design of hackathons for innovation purposes. However, there are challenges concerning the optimal development of air ambulance base. The present research aimed to identify factors affecting the development of air ambulance bases to provide the opportunity of planning to improve the quality of emergency medical services.

In this systematic literature review, the peer-reviewed papers in fiv electronic databases, including Medline through PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, ScienceDirect, and ProQuest, as well as available gray literature, were searched and selected.

Two combinations of groups were used as keywords: the Health Planning and development factor, air ambulance base. Finally, through related citations, 20 articles were included. Descriptive and thematic content analyses were evaluated. The factors affecting the development of the air ambulance base were classified in fiv categories and 14 subcategories as follows: navigation criteria, process indications and standards, sociopolitical factors, and current situation of the area. There are few studies on factors affecting the development of air ambulance bases.

It is necessary to apply multidimensional models to consider various factors for development. The development of high populated cities, events and ceremonies with a crowd of participants, and increase of human-made disasters are making these services increasingly indispensable. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to systematically review global relevant experiences in reforming the hospital governance structure with emphasis on the Parker—Harding model.

Required information was collected using keywords autonomization, corporatization, privatization, decentralization, reform, hospital autonomy, governance model, and structural reform in databases such as EMBASE, PubMed, Scopus, SID, MagIran, and other resources. Information on the subjects under study was collected from to The content extraction method was used for data extraction and data analysis. Thirty-nine sources were included in the study. Results of searching for relevant evidence on a variety of hospital governance models government, board, corporate, and private based on the Parker—Harding model in four categories including strengths 31 , weaknesses 30 , outcomes 26 , and interventions 21 are outlined.

In this study, strengths, weaknesses, outcomes, and corrective interventions were presented for different models of hospital administration that could be used by healthcare policymakers. Also, According to the results of this study, governmental model less recommended. The present systematic review study investigates the psychological causes and effects of the COVID epidemic outbreak on dentists. The English articles published from December to November were selected according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria.

The quality of the articles was assessed using an existing checklist. Then, their full texts were reviewed to extract the necessary data. Finally, the data were summarized in a table. This systematic review study showed the emergence of psychological symptoms such as fear, anxiety, and stress are the three most common disorders in dentists and all those who work to promote oral health as the medical staff.

This pandemic has had occupational and economic consequences for dentists. In general, the research results indicated that the outbreak of COVID had affected the dental profession in two areas: 1 Psychological consequences: Reviewing the articles showed that the essential psychological effects in the dental profession are the fear of infection by patients, anxiety, and stress, respectively.

This issue may cause economic problems for their professions. There is also a need to allocate additional costs for the provision of sanitary equipment. It is now known as a pandemic and a global crisis due to rapid human-to-human transmission with the vast expansion that has affected almost all countries. The primary source of the disease is still unknown, but it is possible that the virus was transmitted through bat to an intermediate host and then to humans. The main and early symptoms of COVID infection are fatigue, fever, dry cough, myalgia, and dyspnea.

The incubation period of the disease is about 2—14 days, which is one of the important parameters for planning to prevent disease outbreak.

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Btc to usd chart history The Samrec deposit is one of the largest vermiculite deposits in the World which is located within a 5. The most frequent records davidforex were review article, and the lancet was the most specialized journal. Inhaled particles pose health risks to people depending on concentration, dust particles will penetrate and deposited in various regions of the tract. Respirable particles reaching the alveoli are more mojtaba sakhaei regarding lung diseases and systematic crystalline silica dust exposure Hobson and Seixas, Health risks posed by inhaled dust particles are influenced by both the penetration and deposition of particles in the various regions of the respiratory tract and the biological responses to these deposited materials WHO, Accelerated silicosis results from exposure to high concentration of crystalline silica and develops five to ten years after the initial exposure. Gcm forex smaller particles penetrate to respiratory system.
Crypto exchanges accepting fiat Five learning strategies consisted of technology-enhanced learning TELsimulation-based learning, technology-based clinical education, mobile learning, and blended learning. However, there are challenges concerning the optimal development of air ambulance base. Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society, 20 10pp. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 1pp. Thirty percent of the included studies assessed outcomes-related knowledge and attitude, all of which reported the positive effects of simulation training.
How to convert bitcoin to cash on paxful Auerbach A. We see a variety of psychological and educational interventions every day. Articles published from January to September were included in this study. The present paper is a systemic review of the efficiency of instructional interventions in improvement of academic motivation in nursing students. There is also a need to allocate additional costs for the provision of sanitary equipment. Most people take in very little alminium from breathing expect those who are exposed to high concentration of dust mojtaba sakhaei davidforex alminium.
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